Reveal 8 in 1 skin care

Reveal 8 in 1 skin care

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Get ready to reveal beautiful skin! We start with a proprietary mangosteen-infused nano water, then build with wonders like hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, avocado oil and super-effective aloe vera. The result is truly joyful skin. Designed with real people in mind: women, men, teens, retirees, a simple application, twice a day, delivers eight distinct and delightful results your clients — and those around them — will notice.

• Cleanser
• Toner
• Exfoliator
• Hydrator
• Brightener
• Pore Minimizer
• Makeup Primer
• Age Defier

Mangosteen-infused water, Aloe vera, Organic virgin coconut oil, Avocado oil, Glycerine*, Hyaluronic acid (super-low-molecular weight, or “SLMW”)*, M2O™ hydration complex, Propanediol*, Behentrimonium choride*, Carbomer, Cetrimonium chloride*, Phenoxyethanol